Max Linn, Jim Davis, and Charlie Crist in the Final Florida Gubernatorial Debate

You can catch the full audio here. From the Miami Herald article:

A maverick third-party candidate and an irreverent, flame-throwing moderator turned the race for governor between Republican Charlie Crist and Democrat Jim Davis into a three-ring spectacle broadcast live on national television Monday night.

Just 20 minutes before the debate began, a federal judge said Reform Party candidate Max Linn could join in. Organizers dragged a third lectern into the Tampa television studio, and the major candidates braced for the unknown.

Max. Linn. Rocks.

By the way, did anyone realize that the word “Guber” is officially in politics?

Best line from the debate: “I have taken a lot of money from a lot of people.” — Charlie Crist. (This was in response to whether he took money from insurance companies.)

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