Gnorbmusik: Featuring Chihiro Onitsuka

I love this lady’s voice. The song’s name is “Little Beat Rifle” and if you like Country/Pop you’ll probably like this. Also, it’s been stuck in my head for the past few days, which isn’t a bad thing, per se, save for the fact that it’s been stuck there alongside This Is The New Shit by Marilyn Manson (from the Matrix: Reloaded sountrack). Anyway, enjoy the video.

To describe her voice: think of Sarah Mclachlan mixed in with Dido and a sprinkle of LeAnn Rimes, all in Japanese. She’s hands down one of my favorite artists in any language. You can check out some of her other stuff on Amazon. (Makes a great Christmas present for your favorite Japanophile.) By the way, you can find this song along with her hit single Infection.

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