What Character of [X Movie/Show] Are You Most Like?

When I was a kid, one of the things my friends and I would always talk/argue/fight about was which character from whatever movie or show we “were.”

Obviously, we weren’t the only ones.

On the Internet, you can find “Who Are You” tests for just about every popular (and not-so-popular) movie and television show in existance. In fact, with real popular ones, you’ll usually find five or ten of them (each of which will usually give you a different answer). With that in mind, I’ve decided to compile a few “Who Are You in [X Movie/Show]” test links here, as well as my results. Feel free to take these yourself and post who you’d be.

Lord of the Rings

According to http://www.geocities.com/mydigitalview/lotr_person.html, I’m Aragorn.

According to http://www.matthewbarr.co.uk/lotr/, I’m Frodo (I don’t really agree with this one).

According to http://www.hobbitlore.com/personality/index.php, I’m Denethor. According to them, “People like you are rare. Unfortunately the closest person is Denethor. His obsession with knowing the future and suspicion of others is characteristic.Everything that happens is important and you do not want to miss any of it. Others often look to you for courage, leadership, and wisdom. Social interaction energizes you. The more people the merrier. You have a tendency to introspection. While providing compassion and being considerate, you may have the tendency of being soft-hearted or even “too emotional” You like keeping your options open. Closure is probably not one of your strong suits. The Orcs display the evil side of this personality with their lengthy torture methods.Traits: Empathic, benevolent, looking to the future. On the dark side you could be sadistic.”

The Matrix

As of this writting, that test is down, but according to http://quizilla.com/users/trinitykills/quizzes/What%20Matrix%20Persona%20Are%20You%3F/, I’m supposed to be Morpheus.

It’s back up:

You are Morpheus-

You are Morpheus, from “The Matrix.” You have strong faith in yourself and those around you. A true leader, you are relentless in your persuit.

Family Guy

According to http://www.stanford.edu/~atd10/quizes/fgquiz.html, the Family Guy character I’m most like is Stewie.


According to http://www.youthink.com/quiz.asp?action=take&quiz_id=72, the Futurama character I’m most like is Phillip J. Fry, because “You are the basic nobody. Even if you could travel 1000 years into the Future your life wouldnt change much.” (Note: I didn’t find this to be a very good test.)

According to , http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=11737944439150110274 I’m most like Amy.

Ok, so there are like a trillion of these out there. If you find any good ones, post the link here, as well as your results.


Just made The Wife take the Family Guy test. My prediction about her came true:

The first time I saw this cartoon I was like, “OMG. That’s The Wife, but all cartoony and twisted. Sort of.” Let’s see the checklist:

  • Attractive: Check
  • Red head: Sort of (Strawberry blonde)
  • Relatively short hair: Check
  • Nose: Check
  • Germanic background: Check
  • Lively college days: Check (not quite as lively)
  • Beautiful, but inexplicably married to a fat guy: Check
  • Married to a minority: check (Season three, Peter’s black ancestry)
  • Married a guy with Irish background: Check
  • Lived next door to a chimp: Well, she did go to Univ of FLA…
  • Dad didn’t like who she was marrying: Check
  • Talented: Check

There are more, but either there isn’t enough time or this is not the forum in which I could really get into those. (You decide.)

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