Gnorb in South Park?!

No, I wasn’t asked to be on the show.

Instead of putting up an insightful and witty post this time (one without the word “booger” in the title), I’ve instead decided to follow suit with Renagade Zen and post a picture of myself as a South Park character.

South Park Gnorb

Using the South Park Character Generator, you can — and should — do the same. (For anyone interested in posting their South Park character picture who doesn’t have any place to upload it, just email it to me, and I’ll store it on the server for you. Note that images can’t be hotlinked from anywhere else, though. Sorry.)

For the record, there’s no option to choose a fat body, which eliminates the possibility of about 65% of the US population being able to create true-ish self-portrait (that includes me), but allows us to see what we’d look like if we were paper cut-out cartoons and in shape-ish. Also, I know the whole “South Park” thing is somewhat (a decade) old, but I checked with 1997 and no, it didn’t mind if I borrowed its joke for a while.

The meme continues…

Edit: Here’s The Wife:


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