Web Hosting Services From Fort Onion

This is a not-paid and not-even-requested-but-what-the-heck-I’ll-do-it-anyway advertisement about Web hosting:

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may remember Nate, the Administrator (He was the guy who admirably administered Gnorb.NET until about a couple of weeks ago, when an article showing up on LifeHack, Del.icio.us, and Digg baslically destroyed the “ghetto server” the site was running on and I decided to sign up with a BlueHost). Well, Nate’s gone all wacky and decided — a couple of weeks too late, in my humble opinion — to start up a full-fledged hosting franchise: Fort Onion.

Having mooched off of Nate from about 2004, I know full-well of his capabilities as an administrator, so I won’t hessitate for a second to recommend that anyone give him a shot. So, if you or someone you know needs website hosting services (including dedicated servers), needs email to fax services, wants to start a blog, wants to start a podcast, wants to buy a domain name, wants hosted email or other like
services, go ahead and check out FortOnion.com. You can also be secure in the knowledge that this isn’t a fly-by operation: even if Nate decides years from now to get out of the hosting business, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that all accounts will always be serviced with top-notch quality customer care.

Again, that’s FortOnion.com.

(Nate: If you don’t have a tag line yet, how about “Layers of services so good they’ll make you cry”?)

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