Madre Vigilante, Ole!

Just caught this on Fark:

Taking the law in her own hands, a Spanish mother set afire a man who raped her teenaged daughter and allegedly taunted her about the assault, a report here said today.

Fully story here. Now, I’m not a big fan of vigilantes, but I’ll make an exception in this case. (Though torture would have been preferable to death.) I think this comment puts it nicely:

The purpose of the legal system isn’t to sanction vengeance; it’s to deter and reform. That said, individuals are not the legal system. They don’t owe anything to the criminal at all. In other words, the courts might not be able to approve of death as a means for punishing a guy who taunts the mother of a girls that he raped, but I sure don’t have a problem with him getting killed. That isn’t analogous to saying that rape deserves the death penalty. It just means that I don’t hold it against a woman that puts gasoline and a match to a man that raped her daughter and taunts her while on furlough.

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