Adding Emergency Contacts to Your Florida Driver’s License

Heads up to all of Florida folks: You can now go online and electronically enter two (2) emergency contacts on your Florida Drivers License. This information is intended for use in case of an emergency, in order to allow law enforcement to get in touch with the contacts and inform them of the situation, allowing them also to receive any emergency information from your contacts as soon as possible. This information may save crucial time if ever it becomes necessary to contact family members, or other loved ones.

Important Notices:

  • This service is only available to individuals holding a current Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card.
  • This information can only be retrieved by a police officer. Your personal information in Florida motor vehicle and driver records is blocked in accordance with the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

You can sign up for this service via the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website:

Edit: Link fixed. Then again, you can just copy the address to your URL bar, but, you know, lazyness equals user friendlyness.

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