Discouragement as a Divine Tool

Just caught this on Crosswalk:

I can preach a message and see hundreds of people set free. I can witness remarkable things that the Lord is doing in some of the most unreached parts of the world. But within a short time, I can find myself bogged down, discouraged and confused, wondering what to do next and trying to find a way to quit, slow down or find an easier path.

Finally, I realized that discouragement, although a tool of the enemy, is also an instrument of God, used to shape us and bring us into all that He has for us.

Bookmark this article and keep it close. If you’re doing something trully worthwhile then there’ll be times when major discouragement strikes. The key is that — if it is indeed a trully worthwhile goal — you don’t turn around. To quote Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give up.” (There might have been another “never” somewhere in there.)

* Note: Crosswalk.com is a Bible study site. It was first mentioned to me by my sister and has since become my first stop when it comes to online Bible studies. The following post, however, is good for anyone of just about any faith.

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