Arizona Cardinals Choke. Badly.

How you blow a 20-point lead in the 4th quarter (ok, and in the last few seconds of the 3rd) to lose 24-23, I have no idea, but that’s exactly what happened last night when the Bears played the Cardinals. End of the 3rd, Cards are up 23-3. Fifteen minutes and three defensive tuchdowns later, the Bears take the game. It all came down to the Cardinal’s kicker, who missed a 41-yard field goal on a windless day, at home. Still, it should’ve never gotten to that.

20 point lead. Blown. In 15 minutes. No offensive scorring from the team who won. A-frigg’n-mazing.

“Never, ever, ever, ever give up.” — Winston Churchill.

True, the Cardinals are pretty much horrible, but that has nothing to do with their players’ tallent. Maybe their heart, but that’s a matter of leadership. Their problems have everything to do with coaching: Dennis Green must go. I’ve always been under the impression that the Cardinal’s coach (and former Vikings coach) doesn’t deserve a head coaching job in the NFL, and hasn’t deserved one for a while. This just cements it.


Coach Green turns red. Punches mic, curses the media, and walks off during the after-game interview. With video.

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