Attribution and Plagiarism

The following clip is from a post featured in the Weblog Tools Collection, dealing with the lack of attribution and problem of plaigiarism on the Web today. It’s something any even remotely successful site has to deal with at some point. As for me, I’ve only had to deal with it a couple of times, but most of the time the issues have been resolved without much confrontation.

I really like the word attribution and I find the lack of attribution disturbing. I bring this up because there are thousands of websites that absorb and regurgitate information published elsewhere for monetary gain without so much as a line stating where the original item was published. I used to have a major problem with them until I realized that there were just too many to deal with. There are lots of very good resources on how to deal with content theft. I applaud and support Lorelle and everyone conrcerned in their efforts.

By the way, when you read the article, also check out the comments, which just bring the point home (and are more than simple “right on, brother!” replies).

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