New Gnorb.NET Features

Alright, I’ve added a couple of things I want to try out. Your opinion is highly valued.

First, I’ve added a Gnorb.NET Email function. Basically, this is for the crowd that either doesn’t like or doesn’t really want to use RSS feeds. It sends a daily digest of everything new in the feed that day. I’m doing it as a trial for the moment to see how it works. I’ve chosen to do it via FeedBurner because they’re the ones who already handle my RSS feeds. There are a few other services out ther and if I don’t like how FeedBurner does things I’ll switch over to them. If you’re reading this via RSS, chances are nothing I’ve said here applies to you. If you’re reading this in the front page — well, there you go.

Second — and this one’s a bit more important and iffy — I’ve added a Gnorb.NET chatroom. It’s IRC-based and can only be accessed through the page for now. I’ll let you know when you can access it via your IRC client directly. This one I’ll be monitoring more closely, since a lot more can go “wrong” from my end here. At any rate, if you’re bored and hang out somewhere online for a while, come on in and chat. Just go to any page of Gnorb.NET and look at the sidebar. The registration box will be right there.

As far as announcements are concerned, that’s it. Hope to meet up with some of you here.

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