Top 10 News Items You Didn’t Hear About

This quote says it all:

“They said the reason they hadn’t covered the stories was that they only had a limited amount of time and space, and that I was an academic, sitting there, criticizing.”

But Jensen had an answer: There was plenty of time and space. It was just being filled with fluff.

So, in reply, Jensen started the Project-Censored, which lists the stories which should have gotten more coverage, but were bumped off by things like Anna Nicole’s baby and son’s death investigation, and John Mark Karr’s claims about JonBenet Ramsey, who died at 6 years old and would have been almost 20 already.

Anyway, so here’s a list of the top headlines you probably didn’t read about for the past year:

  • The feds and the media muddy the debate over Internet freedom
  • Halliburton charged with selling nuclear technology to Iran
  • World oceans in extreme danger
  • Hunger and homelessness increasing in the United States
  • High-tech genocide in Congo
  • Federal whistleblower protection in jeopardy
  • U.S. Operatives torture detainees to death in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Pentagon exempt from Freedom of Information Act
  • World Bank funds Israel-Palestine wall
  • Expanded air war in Iraq kills more civilians

With this being an election year (and with this being the month before an election, hence all the political stuff on the site lately), you may be interested in the Internet Freedom, Halliburton, Whistleblower, Torture, Freedom of Information, and Iraq stories. (Wow… that’s a lot of stories.) In fact, if you’ve gotten down this far I’m guessing you’re the type to be interested in this sort of article. For you, I submit the following link from the Tucson Weekly: Censored Stories.

Honestly, I’m not a big news guy. I’m not! I’m not interested in that guy that jumped off that bridge, or that bus that crashed into a pole, or who Paris Hilton slept with, fought with, or punched. I’ll pray for them, OK, but that’s about it. Heck, if you want a real taste of what people are talking about, here are the top searches in Technorati as of this article’s writing:

  • Cory Lidle
  • Youtube
  • Project Runway
  • Plane Crash
  • New York
  • Lost

Unlike this list, most of the news presented in the Censored Stories article revolve around the way our government and country (The US*) is being run, and by who. Sometimes — most of the time — news is junk. Once in a while, however, it’s time to start listening. Sometimes things, no matter how negative they might seem, are indeed important, because they affect all of us. Political bickering isn’t one of these things. Political policy is.

(* Note: I know I have, for some strange reason, a lot of Canadian and European readers (even some Asian, Australians, and Africans!), and some of this affects you guys, too. But I’m an American and as such I want to make sure my house is clean, if you know what I mean. I’ll cover International news too, I promise, especially Canadian, since I’ve thought about moving up there more than a few times.)

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  1. This, by the way, also makes for interesting reading:

    Definitely not pro-Bush, though. Then again, other than Republican partisan hacks who’ll go with party line loyalty above loyalty to country and constitution, and uninformed brain-washed masses who get their opinions from talk radio and church “voter issues” flyers, is there anyone with a brain who’s still Pro-Bush/Cheney?

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