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The following comment came from chadley384 a commenter on Digg responding to this thread. His comment resonates with me in that, for the most part, I feel the same way, and I’ve heard the same story he tells of his cousins way too many times.

I’m 21. I voted for Bush in 04. My Dad is one of those bleeding heart turned conservatives with age; so like most kids I tended to just take my dad’s side growing up. I actually find myself in lie with the fiscal policy of the Republican Party’s traditional platform.. Fiscal conservatism. Less taxes, less spending on prok, and smaller government. However this is no longer the Republican party of 2006. I had hopes for Bush to be a domestic minded president. People in his administration, 9/11 changed that quickly. I still think the real pushers of Iraq are Cheney and Rumsfeld (all he PNAC guys). Heck; Doin Rumsfeld went to the same high school I did. In 2000 before he was nominated for Sec of Defense he spoke at the school and said (paraphrase) ‘it would be of great benefit to see a pro u.s. democracy in the middle east; it would solved a number of issues. I actually saw the logic of this argument. thought it could calm tensions in the region and make it stable. It was clearly pushed, and was acted on with military force on Iraq.

After no WMDs were found. After all of the “bad intelligence”. After seeing my cousins go off to Fallujah 3 times each, and each time come back a little more distant, repeating the same line “We’ve got a job to do, and its worth doing” less enthusiastically. I am furious. Bush isn’t a Republican. Government has exploded, and we are spending exponentially. Civil liberties are evaporating. I understand sacrafices. My Dad made them in WWII. However I can’t stand that the President is so close minded and can’t admit that itst ime to reassess what is happening in Iraq. I am willing o admit that I supported the invasion and I was wrong. Why can’t he even say “ok.. maybe we need a new strategy” it gets worse every day. He’s like a bratty kid who doesn’t want to be wrong. Meanwhile N Korea has detonated a nuclear test while we were busy in Iraq. The real WMD threat is now a reality, and my family and hundreds of thousands of kids my age are risking death.. for what? The President’s pride? It makes me sick. I am not saying we should surrender, “cut and run” or whatever label you want to slap on it. But gosh.. don’t you think we owe the soldiers enough to say “wait.. lets rethink this strategy.. its not working..”

The Republican party is no longer what it used to be. I’ve always been moderate on social issues. I don’t like to stick myself into one party, but I cannot give my vote to anyone who believes the President is doing what is best for the country. t’s amazing the change of mind I’ve had. I really wouldn’t mind seeing him impeached, or resign. The manipulation that is now very apparent far exceeds President Clintons lies regarding a sexual affair. As stupid as Clinton was to lie about his affair and wag his finger into the camera at us; he eventually admitted he was wrong and screwed up. I wonder what it takes for any of Bush’s guys to do that. The public is getting really sick of it. I know I am.

(By the way, I dugg the article this came from, so you may have seen it already via the Digg links on the RSS.)

For those of you interested in this sort of thing, check out the Chokehold in Iraq blog, which serves as the chronicle of a soldier reporter who was responsible for interviewing troops all over Iraq. This blog ceased to be updated after the military began to monitor its contents.

I have a nephew who’s been sent into Iraq. I have friends who have gone and thankfully come back. While I highly respect them for their sacrifices and their sense of honor-bound duty, I don’t support in any way, shape or form what they’ve been sent to do. Remember: the further to an extreme you move to the more extreme everyone else seems. When you move the center to the right, every one in the center will suddenly become part of the left.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be in the fold, to be a part of the President’s team, check out the telling book by Bob Woodward, State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III. While his first two books were pretty pro-Bush, this third one is a scolding account of the administration. For a preview on Bob Woodward, do a search on YouTube for his name, or start with this Larry King interview.

Basically it boils down to this: the Democrats generally suck (sorry, but I’m not a big fan of giving too many helping hands), the Republicans have become corrupt or complacent, the Libertarians are way out there (c’mon: legalizing meth?!), and the Greens are too one-issue (plus too close to socialism). Maybe we need a new political party, a centrist, common sense party. Personally, I’m used to be a big fan of the Natural Law party on this account, but I seem to be the only person I know who knows about these guys. Their new encarnation, the US Peace Government, I’m still not decided on (although it seems a bit too hippy).

Edit: If you want to read more about what the soldiers out there feel, check out The Sandbox.

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