After a Long Day…

What happened today:

  • Left work early, missing sushi and cake.
  • Got a root canal finished — without the help of anaesthesia . (Pain. Full.)
  • Got my neck and back cracked like mad at the chiropractor’s.
  • Ran a few miles.

This among other things: got a haircut, picked up meds for pain management (gee, thanks doc, I need it more now than before. Jerk.); other things I don’t remember). Most of it — chiropractor’s, running, driving around for hours, getting a haircut — in pain. Lots of it.

Luckily, The Wife and I were planning to go visit our family this weekend in Orlando; we were invited to Magic Kingdom. (Been in Florida for 16 years and this is my first time there.) As luck would have it, we’re also staying at the Gaylord Palms: my cousin works there and we got the rooms for $60/night.

A break, sorely needed, will be taken. No blogging for me this weekend. Unless I get bored. Or have access to an Internet connection. In the meantime, download firefox (there’s a big button at the top of this page) and install the StumbleUpon extension. If you have nothing elese to do, that’ll at least give you a few hours worth of fun.

I’ll be back Monday-ish.

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