Hassert and Foley Now Democrats

You heard it here first second third or fourth now: according to the AP, both Dennis Hassert (House Majority Leader) and Mark Foley (disgraced Congressman) are now aparently Democrats!

Google News: Hassert, Foley now Democrats

See, this is exactly why you should keep voting Republican: because whenever a Republican does something wrong the media will make sure to out them, showing you that they weren’t ever really Republicans, that instead they were Democrats, but fooling everyone the entire time.

Just goes to show you that the Democratic party is the party of the crook. Vote Republican! Or at least waste your vote with a third party, so your vote won’t count…

(FYI: This little “mistake” first showed up on Fox News during a segment on Bill O’Reilly’s show The O’Reilly Factor, when a picture of Foley was show thrice during the show wit the caption “(D-FL)” next to his name. After that, this started showing up in the AP. Now that Hassert is aparently being implicated for knowing about this and not taking any corrective action, he too is now labeled a “(D-IL)”. Gotta make sure to keep up the misinformation, or else people might be confused by the “truth”.)

One thought on “Hassert and Foley Now Democrats

  1. What can you say – start behaving like a Democrat, and eventually they will think you are a Democrat.

    The only difference between a Republican and Democrat politician is that Republicans pretend to “protect the integrity of the family”, while Democrats go about their philandering with full party support.

    And you know if it were a female page instead, his buddy boys on Capital Hill would have given him a pat on the back and a “thataboy”.

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