Blogging Software

I’ve been looking around for the possibility of switching blogging software and I ran accross this chart:

I’ll probably just stick with bBlog and learn Smarty (not something I really care to dedicate time for, but what the heck) to make this blog do what I want it to do. Still, if you’re looking for blogging software, Owen’s chart (and subsequent post) a good place to go for info. In the end, the author ended up using WordPress, which I’m guessing is like a long-lost cousin of bBlog. (I have no basis for that statement in any way, shape, or form, but it sounds good.)

Daing it! I need to figure out how this whole “trackback” think works. Anyone got any good tutorials/suggestions?

Edit 2
Oh, crud. I’ve mentioned the word “blog” on the front page. That means I’ll be seeing a ton of Google Adsense blog adverts all over the place. *urgh* Well, better than seeing ads for “gay dating services with Nazi eskimo midgets.”

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