Get Ready for Weirdness

Ok, for the next day or so be ready for some major weirdness. I just transfered my domain over to my new host and the nameservers are doing their thing. For the moment, avoid looking at the site. Please.

For some fun, head over to or, maybe even, if you’re in the mood for Flash games and animations.

See you on the other side! – G

Edit: Ok, looks like the weirdness should for the most part be past. I hate switching hosts, ya know?

Anyway I want to tell a big huge thanks to Administrator Nate for helping me out even to the last second, at 11:30pm last night, in moving this site. Nate, thanks for all the help, and I’m sorry if I called you when you were in the bathroom.

I’ll also be experimenting with a number of things, so I may just be bringing back the Gnorb.NET forums, mostly to experiment with them. In any case I’ll let all y’all know.

*Note: Remember that “Y’all” is singular and “All Y’all” is plural.

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