Bush Attempting to Pardon Self

Watch the (short) video. Basically, the White House is trying to cram a bill past congress before they recess which would essentially pardon any possible crimes the administration might have commit after 9/11/2001 in regards to possible human rights violations and torture.

I’d again compare this president to Nixon, but truthfully, Nixon had more honor in one finger than this guy has in his whole being. At least he had the decency to resign.

Edit: Well, the results are in. The Republican-controlled congress has decided to pass this bill. Congratulations, America, Habeas Corpus has now been suspended. Welcome to Fascism. Then again, we may have been there for longer than we’ve known.

(This, of course, went along with the help of Florida Democrat Bill Nelson, who must have saved a bus-load of children in a past life in order to be as bad a Congressman as he is and still have the luck he has in running against Kathrine “Bush-is-Elected-No-Recount” Harris, who has since herself fallen out of favor with the Republicans for being a weird old lady. Today’s phrase-of-the-day is “Vote for a Third Party, South Florida”.)

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