Google Analytics

Ok, 2005 tapped me on the shoulder last night and told me to check out the Google Analytics page. Basically, if you own a site, Google Analytics will help you see where your traffic is coming from, where it’s leaving from, and will generally help you optimize your site for your audience. From everything I see, my audience is mostly made up of horny males who find me via Google by looking for the term “Elita Loresca”, which of course takes them to the Elita Loresca Pics and Info page I put up a while back. (Never did I guess that page would end up becoming so popular. Behold the power of sex, I guess.) That aside, it seems people enjoy the Bloody Penguin Baseball game an awful (and I do mean “awful”) lot. I guess violence sells, too.

Hmm… sex and violence… Interesting that while I work pretty hard not to include any of those things in most of my posts, in the end, those end up being the most popular. Maybe I should take a hint…?


Nah. Unless she did the weather every morning. “Today, it will rain… BLOOD!” *bites cameraman*. Then it’d be different. Somehow.

I plan to keep playing around with that tool (uhm… Google Analytics… not what you’re thinking… after seeing that picture…) to make the site better, but in the mean time you may have to “pardon my dust” to turn a phrase. If you see strange things happening with the RSS feeds and the site layout you’ll know what’s happening and why. I’ll keep off the whole “sex and violence” thing, though. Unless Square-Enix changes their formula for Final Fantasy, in which case… well, I’ll get off of that subject.

(By the way, for those of you not familiar with the image above, that’s the main character of the BloodRayne video game.)

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