Katamari Damacy: Music That Just Feels Good

One of my favorite games is the incredibly addicting Katamari Damacy. (I haven’t played any of the other ones, but it’s a safe bet I’ll like them, too.) From the start, one of my favorite things about this game has been the music, which with its lounge/jazz/rock feel not only matches the game’s wacky colors and animations incredibly well, but is also the kind of music that’ll make you feel good when you’re down, and when you’re not down, it’ll make you want to dance on the knee cap of a giant guitar-playing space king while cows, elephants, pandas, and animals sing a happy little Japanese song in a retro-70’s lounge style.

Now that I’ve weirded you out, check out the following links, where you can listen to some of this insanely fun music. Of course, if you’ve played the game, as you listen you’ll probably start smiling and thinking about that time you rolled up that football field, along with Godzilla and all those trees and sea monsters, or maybe about that other time, when you were in a race to roll up as many mice as possible because you liked the sound they made when they were rolled up into your katamari.

Katamari on the Swing

Que Sera Sera

Everlasting Love (from We ♥ Katamari, I think)

Katamari on the Rock – Main Theme to Katamari Damacy

That’s about what I found. If you like what you hear, you can purchase the sountrack over at places like Amazon.com or Animenation.com

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