Final Fantasy VII: Redux

WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD, if you haven’t seen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children yet.

I just finished watching (amazingly, for the first time) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (AC).** Great movie, especially if you like CGI and action scenes. Much better than Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (TSW), but only if you know the Final Fantasy VII (FF7) storyline. (Otherwise, stick with TSW, where Sandra Bullock and Alec Baldwin lookalikes save the world from… itself. And ghosts.) Of course, like any other addiction, this one little taste of the amazing addicting FF7 storyline has spurred within me a hunger for more knowledge about the ever-expanding world of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and the rest.

** Note: Since I wrote that I’ve seen the movie four more times, all within the span of about a week. It would’ve been more, but I’ve also spent time seeing all the extras, comentaries, and deleted footage. What can I say? I’m an extras junkie.

Anyway, I won’t get into explaining everything about the FF7 story world here, but if you (like me) neglected the world for almost a decade, here’s what’s been going on: a number of follow up backstories and after-the-event stories have been and will be released over the next couple of years. In fact, if you go to the FF7 Wikipedia page (which I recommend doing if you need a refresher), there are links there to all kinds of information about the new Compilation of Final Fantasy VII storilines:

Games: Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding***, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, and Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode – Final Fantasy VII

***Note: The snowboarding game is based on the little snowboarding minigame within the game. It’s a simple game, so it’s been only released for mobile phones. Makes me wish they’d also release the Chocobo races (and raising) for mobile phones, as well as Final Fantasy X‘s Blitzball game as a standalone.

Movies: Last Order: Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Uhm… duh?)

Not Fan-Fiction Stories: On the Way to a Smile, and Maiden Who Travels the Planet.

Lots of stuff, I know. The cool thing about these is that you get to find out stuff like what happened between Cloud and Tifa in the years between FF7 and Advent Children (The Case of Denzel and The Case of Tifa, both of which make up On the Way to a Smile), and what Aerith found after she died (Maiden Who Travels the Planet). The downside is that it seems the FF7 writers couldn’t quite keep from altering their own histories a bit. (Nothing of massive significance, but enough to cheese more than a few diehards off.) Of course, after reading all of that, you may want to head to IGN and read the translation of the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega. Heck, you should probably head on out to the forums to read a full episode summary of Before Crisis, which has not yet been translated and may never be.

As I read all this, here are a couple of striking (at least to me) observations I made while reading all of this:

  • When people die in this world, they go to the Lifestream, which is a bit like the Hades of Greek mythology. If you had a lot of regrets, then you were there in a prision of your own mind. If you lived a good, regret-free life, then you had a good afterlife. Eventually you sunk down into the lifestream and became one with the planet. Reminds me of the words of Milton: The human mind is a wonderful thing, for it can make a hell out of heaven and a heaven out of hell.
  • What the heck is with the Zack guy?! He’s got to be the coolest character EVER! The dude gets his groove on with both Tifa and Aerith! Amazing. Even more amazing is that he’s such a frigg’n huge part of the story even though he’s a minor character (until Last Order, where he becomes a major character). Seriously, minor characters shouldn’t be allowed to be this cool.

  • Turns out that Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII are related. Look to the Lifestream for answers on that one.

Anyway, what’s a bunch of info and spoilers without some video goodness, eh?

The following video is from FF7, and shows the last fight between Cloud and Sephiroth. (Features the Omnislash.)

By the way, to find out more about what exactly is going on, and why Cloud had to descend into the Lifestream to fight Sephiroth at the end of the game, you’ll have to read The Maiden Who Walks the Planet, which also explains why Aerith seems to keep popping up whenever Cloud’s in trouble or the plotline conveniently needs a loophole. Also explains more completely the backstory of Advent Children, and why it’s such a great story about forgiveness.

The following videos are from Kingdom Hearts, with Cloud and Sephiroth fighting, and a guest appearance by Tifa.

Of course, if you haven’t seen the movie, you can munch on this little bit, which, if nothing else, gives you a taste of the amazing (and fantastically unrealistic) fight scenes in through the movie. (Sorry, it’s in Japanese.) By the way, don’t miss the limit break at the end of the scene, a new version of the Omnislash.

Finally, what sudden fancy (and relapse into addiction) is complete without the “Which character are you?” quiz? According to Quizilla, turns out I’m one of the following, with only a one-answer difference:

Vincent was my first result. Do I agree with it? Actually… yes. But explaining that is another story entirely. (Read a few of my older articles, especially those on theology and philosophy, and you’ll begin to see why I say that.)

And that, as they say, is that.

8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII: Redux

  1. There is so much i want to comment on … much to say…..

    so i shall instead fall back on shakespear’s ‘brevity is the soul of wit’ and just say.

    Gimme ff7 remake.

  2. I dunno.

    I find search engines and a lot of information out there about Ff7 to be rather useless.

    The vast majority of what i find relates to the ageold question that i dont think anyone will ever know the answer to.

    tifa vs. aerith. which is better?

    I will say however, that i do agree with Zack being an insanely cool character for reasons i cant even begin to understand. The moment i found out there was a zack (first time i played the game) i just decided that he was cool.

    The only problem with that was….Cloud seemed a little less cool because of that. Im not saying he was uncool….just a little less cool.

    On the kingdom hearts video….
    Cloud and Tifa’s voices are absolutely….undeniably…and painfully terrible.
    Sephiroth’s was alright. That seemed to fit…ish.

    But those other two made me want to jab a Q – tip into the ears of the audio department because i think something may be lodged in there that distorts sound.

    With all this buzz around ff7 stuff, i cant help but wonder one thing.

    Does anyone else want to see a sequel movie to ff8, or is it just me? I mean ff10 got one and it was terrible (lets face it…x-2 was essentially a movie). Ff10 and ff9 were both movieish. ff9 had the main characters as people who were acting parts and then slowly grew into them. (thats movie-ish in my head)

    Where as ff10 was just written..designed….and played like a movie.

    ff8 needs its due justice, being far superior to 9 and 10.

    I had more to say, but i cant think of it now. Ill come back and comment again later.

  3. “tifa vs. aerith. which is better?”

    Depends on what you’re looking for. I’ve dated both types and married Aerith.

    “Does anyone else want to see a sequel movie to ff8, or is it just me?”

    Just you

    “ff8 needs its due justice, being far superior to 9 and 10.”

    No way. FFX *by far* beat out both 8 and 9. And X-2 wasn’t a movie, it just went so far out of the FF style that it really couldn’t be called a part of the series, but simply an addon to X, no more.

    “I find search engines and a lot of information out there about Ff7 to be rather useless.”

    Actually that has more to do with a ratings thing. I’ll explain it to you later, if you remember to ask, sometime in person.

  4. I disagree with you on two points.

    you have made a poweful enemy today….

    Well, ill be powerful once i can find someone to back me up in my baseless claims.

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