Lack of Updates

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. Buying a car has pretty much taken up all of my time recently. I’m in the process now of hopefully securing a 2004 Toyota Camry with about 37,000 miles for $13,000. Test drove the car, nothing seemed or or bad and I would have bought it on the spot were it not for my wanting to make sure a mechanic looked at it beforehand. Nevertheless, wish me luck.

By the way, CarFax is quite possibly the best tool for car shopping ever. Seriously, when you’re hunting for a car, the $25.00 spent for the service are $25.00 very well spent.

I’ll be updating soon, since I have a lot of car-related stories to tell, mostly involving good car salesmen, bad car sales tactics, and negotiations that went ugly.

3 thoughts on “Lack of Updates

  1. Well i meant one step closer from where you currently were with your Honda.

    Mr. Mole and I have determined that the secret 10th step is that thou shall own and drive a toyota and a honda durings ones lifetime.

    Why i ended up driving a nissan and mitsubishi instead is beyond me.

    Hooray manaul cars!

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