Doctor McCoy?

I was reading an article today on the whole comic book cross-over bit (you know, where two of your favorite comic book heroes get together for one amazing, action-packed piece of what’s almost always crap, but you want to read it anyway), and saw the following, which, as both a Star Trek and X-Men fan, made me laugh out loud:

I was originally planning to wrap things up by talking about some insane comic book crossovers I’d love to see, but the simple fact is, there’s nothing I could come up with that’d be crazier than what’s already been done. There are very few ideas too stupid or backwards for them to actually put to paper, so it’s nearly impossible to come up with an idea so bizarre that it’s hilarious simply for its inherent unfeasibility. And if something hasn’t been done, and you’ve thought of it, chances are some writer or editor has too, and it’s already in the works.

I mean, look, they did an X-Men/Star Trek crossover ten years ago, and writer Scott Lobdell probably pitched the idea SOLELY because he wanted to write the following scene: “Wouldn’t it be cool if — ?”

Doctor Leonard McCoy, a.k.a. Bones, and Doctor Henry McCoy, a.k.a. Beast, meet

3 thoughts on “Doctor McCoy?

  1. So in a crossover (i saw a star-trek/x-men crossover book in borders once) who would patrick stewart play?

    Or would he have two roles. One as Captain Jean Luc Picard, and the other as Xaviar.

    unles……as we all know Xaviar goes to space at some point to get healed…….Xaviar is Jean Luc Picard!!?!

    And Number 1 is actually wolverine! And Lt. La Florge is really cyclops!

  2. Actually, according to the article…

    But I’d also be willing to bet you two months salary that there’s fan fiction on the internet based around the premise that Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Professor X were both played by Patrick Stewart, whereupon making that discovery both characters travel through time and space against all odds to have sex with each other. And if it doesn’t exist, by god, I’m going to write it. But only because I can’t afford to lose two months salary, not because I’m in any way interested in the idea of Patrick Stewart having sex with Patrick Stewart.

    “Please don’t write about me having sex with myself.”

  3. Ewwww…thats gross

    Can you imagine what their kids what look like!? Half like the mother, half like the fa–

    oh right… šŸ˜›

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