It’s a Communist Party!

I was informed today by a Cuban that all Puerto Ricans are communist, and that we all love and support the Castro regime. I’m really glad he told me that ’cause, you know, having lived there and everything, I never saw that. In fact, it seemed to me that most Puerto Ricans didn’t much care for Cubans or their government, but then again I could be wrong. After all, I guess it takes the perspective of someone who’s never been there to give an honest assessment of the ideological leanings of a place.

Since I don’t like to disappoint, I decided that it falls upon me to make sure his obviously astute observation is proven right. And since I’ve obviously been outed as a communist sympathizer (previously unbeknownst to me), I figured I should go ahead and throw my own grand Communist Party!

Communist Party

Vee Velcome ALL Comrades! Just leave freedom at table. Vee’ll provide vodka and cigars.

One thought on “It’s a Communist Party!

  1. Hey, no one could through a party like Stalin or Mao!

    lol….puerto ricans are communist?
    I’m not gonna even bother asking who said that and hope that it was merely a friendly joke.

    then again…you do walk around with that little red book….

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