Castro Down, Cuba One Step Closer to Freedom?

Last night, Fidel Castro ceded power to his brother, “Flaming Homersexual” Raul Castro. No sooner did the news break than the party started in Hialeah and Little Havana. Since about 9:00pm last night, it’s just about dominated the news. Just about: there’s a little tropical storm called “Chris” in the southern Atlantic that seems to be gunning for South Florida as this year’s first hurricane, and the President was in Miami yesterday. Those items aside, South Florida news outlets have become the United Castro Deathwatch association.

This morning, as I walked in the office, I couldn’t help but notice that not one Cuban was sitting. Every single one of them was standing up and talking about last night’s developments.

“It’s too early to celebrate –”
” — but it’s a step in the right direction.”
“Another chapter in our history.”
“I wonder what’s going to happen now?”
“I was at the gym last night and after hearing the news, I decided to go down to 49th. I got there at 9:10 and the streets were packed, so I joined the party!”

Since about half of the people here are Cuban (and most of the others Latin American), I’m sure you can imagine the level of conversation going on. Frankly, I’m surprised more people didn’t take the day off to party a bit more, but I guess they got that out of their system last night, as the block parties went on well past midnight in some places.

I’ll keep on this story because — well, frankly, I’m surrounded by this. That said, the prospect of a Castro-Free Cuba (and yes, this includes Raul) is a rather good one. History’s proven that in communist countries, generations not directly associated with the original “revolution” usually move towards capitalism and some form of democracy rather quickly. (Russia and China are perfect examples.)

Finally, in honor of this event, I bring you “Castro About to be Stepped On by God”:

Castro On Shrooms
“Por favor, noooooooo…”

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