Which One Did You Choose?


Tell yourself that at the end of today. Which one did you choose? Now, do it for a week, and after a week, what’s the score look like? Which one did you most often choose? After a month? Is that really the answer you want? If the answer you get is the one you don’t want for too long, what changes do you have to make in order to change from one to the other? Feel free to share your answers.

5 thoughts on “Which One Did You Choose?

  1. Yesterday I did something useless that looked like an accomplishment. I cleaned my house. It made Cindy happy, but otherwise it really wasn’t much of an accomplishment. Well. other than the fact that I can now see my computer desk.

  2. I do things everyday that seem useless! *L*.. like cleaning up after the kids.. cause it seems like as soon as I am done.. no one notices.. and the next min I turn around and the little two year old monster has thrown her toys around all over again. or the baby has spit up all over ! *L*

    But then again. i do important stuff everyday also..

  3. I managed to cure all diseases, put an end to world hunger, end terrorism, bring peace to the globe and advance our race’s technology about ten years.

    Of course then i got greedy and tried to take candy from a baby…too um, teach it about life, and thus all my work was undone.

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