That Junk in the Trunk is… On Fire!

Just heard this story from the office assistant (I’ll call her Skater) and thought I’d pass it on:

A few years back, Skater’s mom (who according to Skater is “hot”) was driving around in her old, engine-in-the-back VW Beetle, when a guy pulled up to her at a red light and yelled what sounded like “Hey, Baby!” Skater’s mom had her window down, but was rocking out pretty hard, so she pretended not to hear the guy and drove off when the light was green.

At the next light, Skaters mom once again had to stop, and once again, the same guy pulled up next to her and yelled, “Hey, Baby!” Annoyed, she rolled up the window and ignored the fellow.

Eventually, (the details of which are unknown to me) Skater’s mom found out what the guy wanted to tell her; It turns out that the guy wasn’t yelling “Hey, Baby!”, he was yelling “Hey, Baby — your car’s on fire!” Apparently, the straw used to pad the seats in old VW Beetles had burst into flames and her car was spewing flames from the backside.

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