Bloo Cheese Clips

Ever heard of the cartoon called Foster’s Friends? If you don’t have kids and you’re — well, reading this, to be totally honest — then you probably haven’t. Until this past weekend, neither had I. My ever-so-persuasive niece, Bell, decided it would be good for me to watch this cartoon with her. Although I can’t exactly say it was “good for me”, I will admit to enjoying this cartoon more than (I guess) I should have.

Anyway, after watching the toon, my sister told me about how much she likes the cartoon, so I thought “Hey, maybe YouTube has some of these in their files?” As you’ve already guessed, they did, and the result was this post!

This post is actually for my niece and sister. It contains a few clips of Foster’s Friends I was able to find in YouTube, and should (along with the “Anything You Can Do” song and “C’mooooooooooon” clip featured in the Side Notes section of the front page) be enough to keep my niece entertained for a little while. (By the way, I’ve included the C’mooooooooon clip here for your enjoyment and so it doesn’t get lost under the sands of time.)

Sis: You’re welcome. (If you’re seeing this in the front page, click the “Read the rest of this artcle” link at the end of this sentence to see the clips. Otherwise, ignore this message.)


Cheese likes Chocolate Milk

Cheese the Cowboy

Cheese and the Wheel

Bunnies vs. Flames

[Note:I’ll find more and put them up. — G.]

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