Finding Time

One of the advantages of reading blogs is that they’ll often lead you to sites with great content. It’s even better when that great content is also useful, instead of the usual political commentary. I read the following article in one such Website,, which talks about some of the causes of the affliction known as “lack of time” disease we all suffer from at one point in our lives. Here’s an excerpt:

Eliminate Distractions – I’m a very big fan of the first Matrix movie, and I like to use it to illustrate points often. The scene where Morpheus and Neo (whoa!) are walking down the busy street in the Matrix and Neo’s getting slammed into by folks is a great way to illustration distractions. There are lots of these at your job. There are even more outside of work. Everywhere you go, there are chances to be very distracted, and these distractions count as FRICTION on your life.

The article also goes on to talk about the vampiric powers of television (a HUGE time waster in most cases), and the time/money balance. Highly recommended reading. Check out the full article here.

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