Funny Pictures

In the followig post, I’ll be putting up a number of funny pictures, stuff that I find on the Web which I like but don’t quite know where to put. (I’m not planning to put these in Flickr since I plan to keep only personal pics on my Flickr account.) If you have any funny photos you wish to put up, feel free to put them into the comments. (Adult pictures and anything I consider inappropriate will not be allowed through and will be deleted.) You’ll have to host them yourself, or link them directly from their source if you want to put up your own pics. I don’t say this often, but this is one post you’ll want to bookmark. Who knows when you’ll need something found here.

Note: This post is a bandwidth killer for anyone using dial-up. You have been warned.

(Junior: This first one is the one I keep talking to you about.)
funny picture

funny picture. Divided by zero

Funny Picture. O RLY Owl

Funny Picture. ObiShawn

funny picture. big headed kitten

funny picture. must not feed the troll

funny picture. OMG ONOEZ

funny picture. flatulance warning sign

funny picture. for every animal you dont eat I eat three

funny picture. cute kitty

funny picture. dog throw

funny picture. do not touch the electrified button

funny picture. funny cat

funny picture. Heaven vs Hell

funny picture. spelling nazi

Edit: October 5, 2006

funny picture: schick centuron

punch submitter in face

More to come…

3 thoughts on “Funny Pictures

  1. ROFL!!!!!

    The divididing by zero was by far one of my favorites. HAH!

    Im guessing to link pic from sites we will need permission first.

  2. Err… Not necessarily, though frankly I’m not much into syphoning content. If you have a pic you want to put up but don’t want to link it out, email it to me and I’ll post it for you. You can also just go ahead and link to it from here, but I don’t trust other servers very much. (Control issues, I guess.)

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