SQL Hell?

It’s finally happened. Fate has conspired against me and has forced my hand. Due to events both at my job and at Gnorb.NET, I now find myself in need of SQL knowledge.

To quote Charlie Brown, “Aaaargh!”

(The rest of this is a total rant. If I were you, I’d probably ignore it. If you still want to read it, go for it.)

What can I say? I’m not a big fan of databases. Sure, they’re helpful, quick, and the world relies on them for just about everything that’s important, but daing it, I don’t want to touch them! As far as this site is concerned, I’d be happier with a bunch of flat files embedded with a bunch of Smarty tags. That way my flat files could have a dynamic templating system without the SQL hassle.

As for the job… well, the job needs databases, and badly. And now I’m stuck having to learn how to work with one. Daing!

Sensing the currents of fate, I’ve purchased my first SQL book: Sam’s Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours. I’m not looking to become an expert in the stuff, just comfortable with it, so for $25, this seemed a better solution than anything else I found. (I was tempted to buy the Wrox Beginning SQL, but I’m not planning to program SQL any time soon. I’m a technical writer, not a programmer. I hope to keep it that way. Wrox books are great for programmers. They were what I used to learn Linux programming!)

At any rate, I’m taking my bumps now and learning about databases and SQL. A little knowledge can’t hurt, and I’d much rather be able to find my own answers than to depend on others to give them to me, especially when those others have their own work to do.

I hereby apologize to anyone whom I’ve inconvenienced because of a lack of knowledge, especially if it has happened multiple times. This applies to a buggings past, present, and future.

At any rate, as I said before, I’m just ranting right now. I’m up in Tampa visiting my parents, as well as my aunt and uncle from Puerto Rico (Pop-up Relatives). I’m at their house, not really doing anything except digesting delicious food. Pasta, bread, flan, ice cream… I can already feel my waist line expanding. Add to that the sangria my dad made and the Baccardi 8 I just had, and you’ve got yourself one “happy” Gnorb. (No, I’m not drunk. I’m not even tipsy. I am, however, full of food and relaxed.)

Ok, now, I’m being kicked out of the room I’m in, since it’s the one where my aunt will be sleeping. I should probably hit the sack as well. I’ve got a long drive tomorrow, back to Ft. Lauderdale.


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