Phase 2 Under Way

After a week of trying to find the perfect wordpress theme for this blog, I’ve finally decided that it doesn’t exist. That’s why instead, I’ll just grab the one that fits my wants closest and just tweak it from there. Rather, that’s why I grabbed the one that fit my wants closest. The theme is called Random Image and is based on — you guessed it — Kubrick. Just like every third WordPress blog out there, I guess.

I feel like such a lemming.

I’ll keep you, by which I mean my imaginary friends, the search engine spiders, and any Napoleonic — both by stature and self-righteousness — ex-employers who may be reading this out of fear any non-competes may be violated or anything bad be said about them, posted on what’s going on. For the time being, I think I’m going to get very familiar with WordPress’ theme-management feature. I’ll also post any findings here. (As expected, since it means more content.)

For those of you who may be considering WordPress, one advantage it has over other blogging systems I’ve tried (the list is pretty short: Blogger and bBlog) is that it allows the user to modify templates right from the backend, without having to FTP files back and forth. In fact, if I wanted to, using the file-uploading and theme editing features of WordPress, I could do massive alterations to the site’s look and feel without ever having to look at another FTP client. Sweet.

(The follow up for this is One Step at a Time.)

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