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Note: This was posted before I switched to WordPress from bBlog.

Well, after much research, I’ve decided to move this blog over to WordPress, instead of keeping it on bBlog. Although bBlog offers some great functionality, ease of use, and great cleanliness of code, WordPress offers me features which allow for better control of the system.

A large part of my decission was based on the SEO-friendly aspects of both WordPress and bBlog. Although bBlog is supposed to be SEO friendly from the ground up, WordPress’ overall maturity (in regards to features and plugins) puts it on par with bBlog. bBlog has a definite advantage here, and unless you’re looking to do some serious work on the site, its features work just fine. As for myself — what can I say, I’m a power user. I spent hours looking through the bBlog code in order to optmize. Thing is that many of the optimizations I was looking to do here, I can do with WordPress without looking at the code. For all the heavy-dutty stuff, I had to look inside the code of both. In both cases, many of he optimizations require work with PHP, so to that end there isn’t much difference. Smarty makes templated BEAUTIFULLY easy, but when looking at the code, I realized that to plug something into the code, I had to know both PHP and Smarty. With WordPress, I only have to know (or in my case, learn) PHP.

With that said, I will begin my work this weeked, transitioning this site from a bBlog-powered site to a WordPress powered site. I will keep all this site as is, but all this will be moved to a sub-directory.

I look forward to blog by email, getting random headers to work, using w.bloggar, pinging sites without the help of ping-o-matic, and more information than before. I will, however, continue to work with the bBlog community (http://www.bBlog.com/forum.php — Forums page). Whenever I can offer assistance with such topics as documentation and page design, I will, I will also discuss SEO techniques they can use, if called to do so.

But in fact, that was one of my problems with bBlog.

Although I love communities, right now, the program needs some work, and a community has to be built up. Although I love working under those conditions, I also realize that life right now is not condusive to that type of work. I want to blog, not to do tech work, which is what I do all day anyway. And although I enjoy it, I also enjoy writing about other things to — no one. If someone reads this, great. If they don’t, great. The only people this is really being written for is me and anyone else who decides they’re interested in reading what they’re reading.

No one else.

(By the way, the bBlog dev team is packed with people that know their stuff. If you’ve ever wanted to help out on a project, they could definitelly use it.)

With that said, I’ll probably stay silent over the next week or so and will be back up and running full throttle shortly. In the meantime, entertain yourselves by reading all the testing post crap I’ve written in my WordPress test blog (http://www.gnorb.net/wp/). None of that, except for the JPop list will make it to the new site, so enjoy it while you can, and, hell, post whatever you want to there. The more features I can test, the better.

2 thoughts on “Switching to WordPress

  1. Hey, you’re switching to WP too, eh?

    I finally decided to switch from Blogger over to WP and am loving it so far. WP is, as you said, extremely mature, and easy. I’m currently running it on my server(a beat up Pentium 133), but hey, it does the job.

  2. Yeah, made the switch and it’s been alllll goooood. I’ve even started to hack up Kubrick and make my own theme. (Check it out at the main site). By the way, Quantum, how’ve you been?

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