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Ok, I’ll admit it: they’ve grown on me. The comics (“graphic novels”) I was telling you I’m not really into. They’ve started to grow on me.

Sure, I’m still impatient and do my best to speed read through the series — hoping somehow to understand the story line from reading every other pane and looking at the pictures in between — but the truth is I’m actually enjoying these. (Hurray, I’m 15 again! Now all I need is my Dungeon Master’s guide and my self-esteem lowered about 3/4ths and I’m ready to roll. Dice, that is. Actually, I sometimes wish I was 15 again, but only if I knew what I know now. Then again, doesn’t everybody?)

Anyway, as for the comics: The Matrix ComicsBecause I’ve been reading them, and because I enjoy them, I thought I’d share them with you. The stories I’ve been reading all take place in the Matrix universe, and are all related to the Matrix movies and games. They may not seem like much at first, but they actually explore and fill in a rather large gap left in the story told by the movies. They tell stories of people who took the blue pills, people who left Zion and live on the surface, people who jack into the Matrix and make themselves gods among men, people trained by the Oracle (Run, Saga, Run), and many more. So then, what follows is a listing of the Matrix comics which have been made available online by Warner Brothers and Burlyman Comics.

EDIT: These comics have, since the time of this writing been taken down. However, reader TechDude informs us that “You can view each link at the internet archive. Just go to: and add the URL afterward. Example: For Goliath, go to

I have updated all links here accordingly. Note that some of the images may be gone. I don’t know what to do about these. (Of course, if you want to guarantee you have everything, you can always pick up copies at Amazon.) — Gnorb

Series 1

(Note: Some of the stories in Series 1 are comics, some are just short, illustrated stories.)

Series 2

Series 3

(Notes: A good explanation of the characters in these comics can be found in the The Matrix Character Database, Comics Section. Also, if you want to get more information on the artists who created the comics, or are looking for some cool images to use as backgrounds, checkout the source page for all these comics.)

9 thoughts on “The Matrix Comics Online

  1. the links no longer work since the warnerbros removed this page from the website, any other links to read the comic online free or a download? thanks!

  2. @Techdude: Thanks for the tip, links updated and h/t to you!

    @Rajeev: Other than actually buying the books, checking them out in a library or acquiring the collections some other way, not to my knowledge. Sorry!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these, I’ve been wanting to read these for a long time now, but always seem to forget about them it comes to buying reading material. I guess I was also kind of worried they’d be bad. I love the idea of an alternative reality here and how technology is such a major part in the world. It makes me wonder how long it will be until we are living in an augmented world (, without the choice of the little blue..or red pill.

    1. Probably because they’ve been pulled offline. Your best bet is just buying the comic in printed form. Wonderful as The Matrix was, the fact is that it’s about 16 years old already.

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