Run, Saga, Run

I’m not one much for comics. Sure, I like them, but ironically enough I usually find myself quickly running out of patience with most of them. The ones I stick around for tend to have one of two qualities. First, they have a spectacular story line. Second, they have spectacular art. Rare is the jewel which has both, at least to my taste.

A few days ago I found one of the most comprehensive Matrix character databases on the Web. The Matrix, as those of you who know me personally are (and those of you who keep reading will be) aware of, is hands down my favorite entertainment franchise. (Maybe “series” is a better word?) The story line, the Alice in Wonderland references, the cinematography, and — of course — the layer upon layer of philosophical and theological innuendo are just some of the things that have gotten me almost totally hooked. (And yes, I’m aware that most of the “philosophical and theological innuendo” is probably due to the speculation people have made in light of the Wachowskis not talking about the specific meanings in the movie. Great marketing move: put it out there and let the masses fill in the gaps with their collective imaginations.)

Anyway, in the site there are links to some of the Matrix comics which Warner Brothers put out online. Check them out if you have some time. (Go to the “Comic Section” to find a list of the characters in the comics and links to their respective comic online.) One that caught my eye was “Run, Saga, Run”, in which a young girl studying under the Oracle decides to go out for a night of fun and ends up being chased around by a bunch of agents. She holds her own, but is she able to escape?

Guess you’ll just have to find out. (Click on the image to read the comic.) The image above is probably my favorite pane throughout any of the comics featured on that site. I’m not one much for comics, but art like that will get my attention just about any day. (Also, check out the cool gear, backpack and glasses.)

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    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was influenced by Naruto: “The Matrix” was heavily influenced by mangas and anime. Naruto started in 1999, and this was written in 2000/2001, I think.

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