Bush, Bush, and Stephen Colbert’s White House Speech

I thought I’d follow up Al Gore’s SNL appearance with something a bit closer to reality, a couple of speeches made by George Bush and comedic reporter Stephen Colbert (inventor of the word “truthyness”) at a White House correspondent press dinner a couple of weeks back. Both videos are a complete hoot, but for different reasons.

  • The Bush video includes the President and an impersonator, playing out what goes on in Bush’s mind before he speaks to the press. Pretty funny video.
  • The Colbert video is basically an extremely humorous monologue where the speaker not only roasts the President and the press, but also goes on to lambaste all of them with this administration’s failings and (dare I say it?) crimes. Basically, Colbert tells the President what 68% of Americans at that time (now 71%) have been itching to tell him. Though funny to anyone who wasn’t charred by Colbert, this speech was enough to have the President, Mrs. Bush, and the press reportedly fuming afterwards; Mrs. Bush wouldn’t even shake the guy’s hand. (Note: For the 29% of you who still support this administration, do yourself a favor and don’t watch the video. The truth will depress you. “Reality [in this case] has a well known liberal bias.” For the rest of you, this is a highly recommended video.)

Frankly, after seeing the Colbert video, not only was I laughing, I was also ready to declare the guy a modern day American hero. He got the chance most of us want and took it for all it was worth. Was he rude? Maybe. But so were the Patriots who dumped all that English tea in Boston Harbor.

Finally, sorry that I couldn’t stream these straight to the site. C-Span won’t let me. They’ll let you buy the video on DVD, though, and that’s good enough for me.

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