So, Gnorb… What Happened?

I screwed up, that’s what happened.

I’m sitting here working on the site, editing the site and copying code back and forth to make sure I don’t screw anything up. Lo and behold, I copy the wrong code unto the wrong screen and *poof*, there goes Gnorb.NET.


So, for the moment, here’s the old site template, for your visual enjoyment. It’ll probably take me a couple of days to get things straightened out, though it looks like the test site will become the real site sooner than I had anticipated.

Edit: Almost fixed. I still need to re-do the code for the yellow bar (that part will probaly be a pain in the neck).

Edit 2: Gnorb.NET v1.1 seems to be coming on nicely. Don’t know that I’ll keep the colors, but the design is getting right on.

5 thoughts on “So, Gnorb… What Happened?

  1. yes….the site changed……i noticed

    Btw, did you ever find that really funny picture you told me about yet never could relocate?

  2. In responce to the text you have at the top of your site

    I just unread something.

    SO there!

    *sticks out tongue*

  3. I kind of like the colors. That said, I may not go for that theme at all. The code looks REALLY nasty for SEO. But oh, those cool features….

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