Eye Witness Accounts from Hiroshima

What was it like minutes after the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? These people should know — they were there.

What I felt at that moment was that Hiroshima was entirely covered with only three colors. I remember red, black and brown, but, but, nothing else. Many people on the street were killed almost instantly. The fingertips of those dead bodies caught fire and the fire gradually spread over their entire bodies from their fingers. A light gray liquid dripped down their hands, scorching their fingers. I — I was so shocked to know that fingers and bodies could be burned and deformed like that. I just couldn’t believe it…As it began to rain, people opened their mouths and turned their faces towards the sky and try to drink the rain, but it wasn’t easy to catch the rain drops in our mouths. It was a black rain with big drops.

Surfing the Web yesterday, I found a website wherein a number of eye-witness accounts were written describing the events ocuring immediately after the dropping of the A-bomb in WWII. Although I’ve seen literally hundreds of documentaries and read thousands of pages about the last years of WWII, nothing could have prepared me for what I read. These people literarily went through what I would describe as Hell: fire tornadoes, sudden bouts of freezing cold, thick black rain, bodies randomly bursting into flames, your skin falling off…

If you think you can stomach it — or even if you can’t — read this.

Voice of Hibakusha: http://www.inicom.com/hibakusha/

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