Echoes the Sound of Silence

Well, this is my quarterly posting on why I’ve been so quiet for over a month. Simply put, it comes down to one thing: burnout. Too many urgent needs and not enough focus on the important things. (I’ll write about it more later.)

As such, I’ve taken to some badly needed reading. I’ve just ordered a number of books I plan to go through over the next couple of months, during which time I hope to pull myself back together and get ready to charge forth. On my immediate book list are the following:

This is my first list. I have a few others, such as Trump’s The Art of the Deal, Ray Kroc’s Grinding it Out, Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, and Iacocca, an Autobiography which will likely come next, but for now these will do.

I just got through More than Money by Neil Cavuto (which is an excellent book), and am in the process of reading Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way by Pope John Paul II, and Do You Like Football?! by John Gruden.

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