Trillion: The numeral trillion refers to one of two number values, depending on the context of where and how it is being used. It is the largest numerical value in everyday non-scientific use in the English language. It comes between a billion and a quadrillion. Examples of usage:

  1. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost the U.S. over $1-trillion dollars.
  2. The reason George Bush settled on $2.2-trillion for the budget is because someone told him “ten-bajillion” wasn’t a real number.
  3. The US deficit is at $9-trillion. Suddenly my student loan payment doesn’t seem quite as bad.

Remember: If you vote anything other than Republican in this midterm election then the Republicans won’t have two more years to fix this mess. They’ve spent the past six years fixing all of Clinton’s mistakes. Also, you eat human fetuses after you happily abort them, then throw a baby-eating abortion party.

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