The Gnorb.NET Browser: Like Wearing Internet-handling Gloves

Tell me this isn’t cool: having the ability to go to one site and from there view all the other websites you want to read. No, I’m not talking about an RSS reader, I’m talking about Bitty, the browser which allows you to browse the Internet from within a Web page. I know, it sounds like it came from the Department of Redundancy Department, but seriously, it’s pretty cool.

What you see in the browser is my Bloglines blogroll. Click around to see all the stories and read the feeds. If you want, type in a Web page address in the navigation bar to see that page via the tiny browser. It’s not as good as a full-blown browser, but it’s perfect for all those times you’re at a seriously great page you don’t ever want to leave (like now), but still want to browse the Web.

Think about it: now you can make Gnorb.NET your homepage and never have to leave it again! It’s like wearing Internet-handling gloves!

Now, where can I put this…? Any suggestions? By the way, feel free to Add the Gnorb.NET Bitty Browser to your site.

2 thoughts on “The Gnorb.NET Browser: Like Wearing Internet-handling Gloves

  1. Think about it as a way to put a bunch of links in a page without leaking a bunch of PR while at the same time. Also, its a cool tool which can be used for stuff but doesn’t in it of itself have a pre-determined use. It comes from the Department of Redundancy Department’s Division of Cool Toys Division.

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