Trying to Come Back Alive

This post is mostly a note to myself. You’re welcome to read it if you’d like. 

I’ll keep this simple: been busy, but that’s no excuse not to write. In fact, in what’s a bit of an ironic fate, I’m so busy writing that I don’t have time to write. Or rather, I don’t have time to do the upkeep it takes to do a great article, what with images and editing and all. So I’m looking at ways now to simplify the site some. There are a few factors at play here: 

  • X Theme for WordPress: Incredibly powerful, useful theme, and great for someone who has more time to design and maintain it than I do. I think I really need something simpler. I also need to have a separate dedicated screenwriting site and personal blog.
  • Work: Despite recent layoffs at my company, my job is going well. A bit too well, if how busy I am is any way to measure success. Interestingly, I’ll be working more with WordPress in the future, so maybe that’ll help me buff my skills. 
  • Fixing the backend: Speaking of buffing my skills, the X Theme did a number to the WordPress structure. I haven’t had time to dig around and clean things up, so switching themes isn’t all that easy of a matter. And why is switching themes so important? Because of the way they display. I may want something simple, but I still want something that’s nice. 

I not only want to write here, I feel the need to do so. I’ve thought about scrapping this and just starting another blog, but I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. I think what I need to do is clean up this place, make it something I’m proud of again, and continue writing. I’m also thinking about scrubbing my social media sites for good content that I feel should be shared and kept. 

“Keeping” is something else entirely, though. Recently I’ve been writing a fair amount in both Evernote and Day One 2. Unfortunately, Day One 2 was a rewrite from the ground up, which is great in some ways, and not in others. I find that the overall quality has suffered for it. That’s been pushing me to Evernote, which has been paring down features, but in a good way, so that now the stuff they  do well, they do even better. And this stuff is stuff I like, stuff I use. In both of those, I have the option of taking my information and exporting it into a printable format, which is important to me, because I don’t feel that I’ll always be comfortable having all my information online. Yes, I know that the Internet never forgets, but it’d be nice to be able to just keep all my content to myself.

Anyway, but back to the point. I want to write, to come back here and put information here. But I want to do it in a way that I can entertain myself with, inform other people with, and leave a mark SOMEWHERE for the future, whether that future be some future family member (though it doesn’t look like there’ll be all that many), or simply some cyber historian somewhere in the future. 

And if you are said historian then…Hi. I hope the worlds are better then than the world is now. 

OK, enough rambling. Sorry if you read all the way expecting to see something deeper. But I wanted you, this was mostly for myself. Also, to test out this iPad Pro keyboard. $1450 is a LOT to pay for a tablet and accessories. Now I want to see if it’s actually worth it for me. 

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