The Silence of the Gnorb

It’s been — what — a week? Something like that. It’s been about a week (maybe two) since I last posted a really in-depth article about anything. In fact, it’s been about that amount of time since I posted anything other than politics. You can blame it all on my discovery of Bloglines. I know, I know — Gnorby-come-lately to the party is just now writing about something which he should’ve known about all along. So sue me. (On second thought, don’t.)

I’ve been pre-occupied lately with trying to learn about website monetization using RSS as the primary delivery vehicle, which is why I’ve been spending a bit too much time viewing sites like and Brighton Vibes, Making Money Online. (This explains the big RSS button next to my header. Feel free compelled to add Gnorb.NET to your blogroll and/or aggregator.) I’ve also been working on helping Starbase 479 re-decorate and SEO their website, as well as making it more standards compliant. (Starbase 479 is an online radio station that plays sci-fi books for the listening enjoyment of sci-fi fans. If you have a fancy for sci-fi, stop by Starbase. While you’re at it, drop off a few bucks in their tip jar. They need it.)

By the way, if you want to see what I’ve been reading, check out my Bloglines clip-blog. I’ll start posting the stuff there here as well so that you don’t have to go more than one place for all your Gnorb-related needs. It’ll be the new incarnation of Le Linkage, which up to now had been a collection of my bookmarks (and there are a LOT of them). Also, “Le Linkage” will be made into a Monday feature, “Los Links del Lunes,” or some other crazy, catchy name I come up with. (Lunes is the Spanish word for Monday, so the title is “Monday Links”.)

Obviously, I’ll keep all three of you updated as changes come along.

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