Never Pay Cell Phone Plan Termination Fees Again!

“So basically, I’m stuck with this service for the next two years, right? And if I cancel early it’ll cost me $500?! Yikes!”

Sound familiar? If you’ve ever signed up for a cell phone plan, it should. If you ever have/want to get out of your cell phone contract early, but don’t want to pay the early termination fee, here’s how you can have your carrier cancel your plan, at no cost to you. (Basically you use one of their rules against them.)

There is a very simple way to do this. Become unprofitable. If you’re paying them $50 a month but costing them a few hundred – They most definitely will cancel you.

So how is it done? A couple of years ago you might of noticed that everyone stopped paying roaming fees. One wireless giant started the “no more roaming charges” program, and the rest followed like the sheep that they are. But just because you are no longer paying the $0.69/min doesn’t mean your provider gets off scott free.

Even though you stopped paying for roaming charges years ago, your wireless service provider has been eating the costs. This is done to keep complaints to a minimum, and of course, you as their customer.

So let’s do the math: At $0.69 a minute, a 2 hour long call in a roaming spot just cost your carrier almost $83.00. Even with some of the higher end plans, this would still be quite a hit. But would it be enough to cancel you?

To find out, we just need to take a look at the contract you signed. [The Cingular Terms of Service state]: “Cingular reserves the right to terminate your service if less than 50% of your usage over three consecutive billing cycles is on Cingular-owned systems. Customer must (1) use a Cingular GSM dual-band handset programmed with Cingular Wireless’ preferred roaming database; (2) have a mailing address and live in the immediate geographic area in which subscription is made.”

Now, in plain English: For 3 straight months, make sure that more than half of your calls (51% or more) are done in roaming…

Read the whole thing here.

Note: This is for informational purposes only. Gnorb.NET does not necessarily condone any of the methods described therein, and is not in any way affiliated with the site’s owner(s). The information found therein is the sole responsibility of the owner. Basically, use this at your own risk, and I’m posting this up as a “just so you know.” Here at Gnorb.NET we [heart] Cingular. Really. They have great phones and plans.

4 thoughts on “Never Pay Cell Phone Plan Termination Fees Again!

  1. Most wireless contracts have a provision in them that if you move to an area without coverage you can be excused from your contract. So if you should say *cough* *cough* call them up and say are are going to be moving to Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific they will let you out of your contract. Another good and lawful reason is poor coverage in your area.

    I left Sprint PCS for Cingular last year. I called Sprint PCS up since I there was only two months left in my contract and settled for one third of the fees. I have a BlackBerry 8700 and Moto RAZR from Cingular, I love their service – dislike their prices. In a few years I’ll probably switch to TMO.


  2. The biggest problem I have with T-Mobile (was with them for a few years) was that reception was ALWAYS spotty. And weird. Face North? No reception. Turn West? Reception! Turn south? You drop two bars.

    That and they have NO reception in the Everglades. Cingular on the other hand I’ve only had reception problems with once, and that was because of the phone, not the service.

    Gotta say, though, Cingular does tend to run in the pricey side of things.

  3. anyone out there got screwed over by thinking that they updated their plan, but in reality signed up for another plan instead on cingular web page

  4. Folks, there’s another way to avoid all this and save $$ at the same time. Cancel your contract plan and switch to prepaid. I had AT&T for a long time and was paying for minutes i didn’t use. Couldn’t get a cheaper plan because they just didn’t have one. When contract expired I switched to NET10 – went to WalMart bought a GL phone for $20 which came with 300 minutes included, (which lasts me about 2 months). Now I just buy the minutes which when I don’t use roll over. Value is incredible, calls are 10 cents and texting is 5 cents each. We need to outsmart the big contract monsters. GO PPREPAID NOW.

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