The Olympics End, But There’s Hope

There’s nothing I hate watching more than the closing ceremony at the Olympics. Not because it’s bad, but because it seems so… final. It’s like this grand event towards which entire existences are dedicated has come to and and to fill the void theres… nothing. Frankly, I hate that feeling. I hated tonight, hated watching that ceremony. This not withstanding the fact that I really didn’t watch much of the Olympics themselves, other than the speed skating (“Ono, it’s Apolo!”) and bobsledding. (By the way, no Jamaica this year? I’m disappointed.)

Maybe that’s part of the mystique of it all. Or maybe it’s because of that mystique that I get this feeling. It’s like the feeling I used to get as a little kid when the old movies came on the TV at 11pm. It always made me feel lonely. To me it felt like the end, like some small form of death. Weird, isn’t it?

Thanks to the Internet, that death has lost some of its sting. Check out for video and information about this year’s Winter Olympics in Torino. It’s a good way to re-live those glorious few moments when we watched those who would themselves be like unto the gods of old, at least for a short while.

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2 thoughts on “The Olympics End, But There’s Hope

  1. According to my parents, Jamaica did not field a bobsled team due to funding issues (and, also, what is likely a desire to kick more butt in track 🙂 ). If you are ever in the airport in Montego Bay, the original 4 man sled is actually in the lobby.

    Besides, I doubt people expected Jamaica to do well if they showed up.

    One of the original Cool Runnings bobsledders, Lascelles Brown, however, emigrated to Canada and won a silver with Pierre Lueders.

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