Theme Changes Underway

It looks like I’ve narrowed down my theme options to K2, Squible, and… well, pretty much K2 and Squible. In the end, I’d love to have my site look half as decent at Binary Moon, though I’d pick a different color combo. (The blue and yellow combo is good; Baby blue and light yellow make a site look like it belongs in baby store.) At any rate, consider yourself warned.

EditOn second thought, it looks like Squible is out of the equation. As nice as it looks and as many features as it has, its structure is such that my site, as it is, could not comfortably work within the framework the theme sets up. (Namely, the Technorati tags are made into categories, which means that in the long run, I’d have about 50 categories to deal with and the site would be almost impossible to navigate.) That’s too bad, too: squible has the potential of being very nice. (See my test blog for a sample of Squible in action.)

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