Nicest Spam Ever

Normally, blog spam takes the form of “you good” followed by 100 links to v1agra, midget p()rn, or Vicod1n casin0s. But lately, I’ve been getting messages like these:

Advertising for Notebook Computers

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Advertising for Survey Scouts

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For Data Recovery Services

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Stock Photography

Hi, my name is Molly and I wanted to say thank you! Your article here helped me in my homework and wanted you to know it. I was searching for info about royalty free stock photography and I somehow ended up on your blog. Tomorrow my teacher is going to get a very good homework done! I wish we can keep in touch, thank you again.

Very nice, very polite, and generally pretty smart. Most of these contain only one link to their site, capitalizing on the following facts:

  1. Most blogs put a 1-link threshold on their replies (meaning that if a reply has more than one link, hold it in the backend for moderation). All a blogger needs to do is accept one of these one time (even if by mistake) and that login can now post as many spam messages as they want.
  2. Most bloggers are self absorbed egotists who don’t get enough attention. When a post comes up telling them “hey, nice blog” (stroking their ego), they may either (a) mistake the message for someone actually liking their blog, or (b) put it in anyway just to fool other people into thinking that their blog really is worth reading. In either case, they’re using a particularly good form of social engineering, straight out of How to Win Friends and Influence People. (Uhm… present company excluded?)

Now, there are certain plugins like SpamKarma which would block most if not all these messages, so this isn’t a huge problem (yet). Still, its entertaining to see that spammers are getting polite, if not smart about their practices.

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