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  1. Steven Buehler
    February 5, 2014

    I’ve been going back and forth—have a Mac mini but I keep wiping it to install Windows (because of work) and then keep going back to OS X. I do keep a Parallels Desktop virtual machine with Windows handy though for those things that require it (and I maxed up the mini’s RAM to the full 16GB so I can run a good 4-gig 64-bit Windows 8.1 install in that VM).

    My mobile *tablet*, though, is Windows 8.1 (An Acer W3-810-1600 to be exact). Tablets I think are where Windows 8.1 really shines.

    A Mac will run Windows exclusively just fine (you do need the drivers from Boot Camp), and if you ever need to go back to OS X, on the newer Macs just hold down Cmd+R on startup and it’ll go out to the Internet to retrieve a recovery package if you don’t have a recovery partition on your hard drive.

    • Gnorb
      February 8, 2014

      I definitely agree with you that the new Windows shines on tablets, especially when those tablets also have USB ports, and can be turned into little monsters of productivity. In fact, despite all this, I’m STILL tempted to get a Windows tablet of some sort and trying that route, to see whether maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’m actually just looking for an updated mobile experience.

      I may end up getting my hands on a Mac Mini sometime soon, so that’ll allow me to test out another theory: whether I’m looking for a MAC, or whether I’m just looking for portability, and everything else just sort of aggravates that desire. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the Mac, and I’m NOT planning on giving up the iPad/iPhone any time soon, but I can’t say there’s not still a giant “what if” cloud floating over my head.

      *Sigh* perhaps I’m too curious for my own good.

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