Christmas Videos: Story Dice (and What Wicked Window Got for Christmas)

Yes, this is unbelievably late. Sorry about that. been busy with other projects. The following are some videos I worked on during December. There are 3 videos:

They’re short, so go ahead and enjoy, especially if you’re reading this in January or February and are cold, in July and want Christmas to come around again, or at any other time during the year because you feel like watching a video. I have a bit of info on how I made them, plus the videos, below the fold.

Gnorb and the Christmas Dice (3 minute version)

Gnorb and the Christmas Dice (30-second version)

WWP Christmas 2013 (Yes, this is dark humor)

About the Film Making

This was a pretty easy video for me to make.

  • The script was written using Final Draft, but that’s just because I have it. I could have easily done it in Celtx, too.
  • The video was shot using an iPhone 4S using the iOS app Movie360.
  • The microphone was… well, the one on the iPhone. I have a TASCAM DR-60D I wanted to use, but I didn’t have a mic for it at the time.
  • Editing was done using Microsoft Window Movie Maker.

That was about it. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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