Blood Type, a novel by Melissa L. Garrett

A good friend of mine, Melissa L. Garrett, just released her latest novel, Blood Type, which you can (and should) pick up at Amazon.

Now, before you dismiss this as your standard, run-of the mill, Twilight ripoff, you should know: I have a problem with vampires today. Serious problems. As in I hate most of them. (Vampire: The Masquerade gets a pass. Nosferatu FTW.) So when I tell you that you should pick up a copy of this book, you know that it’s more than just a friend talking.

(Disclaimer: yes, she did give me a preview copy, but like any good supporter of amateur authors, I actually bought a copy for myself.)

It used to be that vampires were fearsome, death-bringing creatures of the night, soul-less beings (that’s why you couldn’t see them in mirrors) that were effectively giant stomachs continually seeking to be filled with the blood of humans. Forget sexy, you wouldn’t want these guys to be anywhere NEAR you. Ever. For any reason.

I’ll admit, it’s true that this started changing a long time ago, as far back as Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. (Brahm Stoker, whose only other claim to fame is stealing Oscar Wilde’s girlfriend.) But recently it’s gotten worse, to the point of ridicule. Today, vampires walk the streets during the daytime without so much as a case of solar urticaria to deter them. Instead of being blood-sucking beasts who hunger for humans and stink of death, they’re more like sexy goths with an eating disorder. Sparkly, sexy goths with an eating disorder.

Yes, Garrett’s book follows the sexy goths trend. (The book is, after all, in the YA Paranormal Romance genre.) Does it piss me off? It should. It should piss me off. It should have me railing against it for betraying the potential awesomeness of the vampire. But it doesn’t, because–to my surprise–I’m actually, really enjoying this book. I’ll admit, I’ve always liked Melissa’s writing style, but I wasn’t all that excited about reading this one. I was wrong not to be.

(Frankly, I was more excited about reading her previous book, The Spirit Keeper, which is FREE this weekend, and which I blew through in a couple of days and–for the most part–loved. I’ll tell you this, though, Blood Type is better written.)

In this book, Garrett’s writing style is tight and quite solid. The book is filled with characters you actually want to get to know, tight conversations, wonderful pacing, and even a couple of interesting twists from the start. More than just being competently done, Blood Type is surprisingly well written, and I’m honestly shocked at how much I’ve been enjoying it. (Good thing, too, because it’s the first in a series.)

Anyway, Ill stop here. I don’t want to turn this into a review (I’ll do that later), since I’m only about half-way through. But if you like (or are even vaguely curious about) vampires, well-written YA stories, well developed characters, or supporting independent authors, then you should pick up a copy of Blood Type right now. It’s perfect for weekend reading, and with October just around the corner, this would make a wonderful read.

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